Wanted: A Christmas tree for Chambersburg

anticipating a different christmas

Wanted: One fairly large Christmas tree to serve as a central attraction in downtown Chambersburg this holiday season.

Borough officials really hope this year’s tree will be a Franklin County native; preferably a mature tree that property owners need to have removed and would like to donate to the cause.

Chambersburg’s Highway Department is offering to cut down and move a suitable fresh cut tree.

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The borough obtains a tree each year to decorate the square in the center of town. Usually private citizens donate a tree for the honor. The borough hires a professional arborist to cut it down.

The tree occupies an honored spot in one of the quadrants on Memorial Square, decorated for the occasion. Visitors to the downtown area enjoy the decorated tree throughout the holiday season.

“We had targeted a tree on Borough property,” Assistant Borough Manager, Dave Finch said.

Finch, the borough’s Public Works Director, said the borough’s tree experts determined the target tree still has a long life ahead of it, however. The experts recommended not cutting it down this year.

As a result, borough officials are scrambling to find another tree, hopefully somewhere in Franklin County. Time is ticking for selecting the tree. It has to be in place and decorated in time for the annual Christmas parade next month. The town’s “Santa” turns the lights to the tree on during that parade.

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Christmas tree standards

There are no written standards for what the Christmas Tree should be, neither in size nor species.

Finch said most people have an idea of the type of tree officials are looking for, just from what the town has used in the past.

“But a little larger or smaller would probably work well,” he said.

So back to the Wanted category: A tree that looks like a Christmas Tree, easy to reach by truck, and about 30 feet tall. Typically, every year, some property owner in the area is looking for a free tree removal.

If you would like Finch to come look at your tree, he can be reached by calling 717-660-2702 or by email at dfinch@chambersburgpa.gov.