Black Gap Road: Wednesday crash seriously injures local man

A Wednesday crash between a dump truck and car on Black Gap Road (State Route 997) in Guilford Township sent a Chambersburg man to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Pennsylvania State Police are withholding the 82-year-old man’s name because of the seriousness of his injuries.

First responders from Fayetteville Volunteer Fire and Rescue said the man was unconscious when they arrived on the scene of the 3:44 p.m. crash Wednesday. A medical transport helicopter flew the patient to York Hospital’s trauma center for treatment of his injuries. Fayetteville’s first responders handled the landing zone for the medical helicopter.

Scene of Wednesday’s crash on Black Gap Road (Et 997) near Mt. Cydonia Sand Plant #2. (Photo courtesy Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Dept.)

The man’s car stopped behind traffic in the northbound lane in the 200 block of Black Gap just prior to the crash, police said. He suddenly decided to turn left instead of waiting for traffic to start moving again. A dump truck driven by William Riordan, 69, of Carlisle, was unable to stop and collided with the car.

The collision happened as the dump truck was approaching the entrance of Mt. Cydonia Sand Plant #2 at 243 Black Gap Road. A witness was behind the dump truck, police said. The car’s movement into the opposite lane was sudden, without warning, police said. The truck hit the car broadside on the car’s passenger side.

It took 50 feet for Riordan to bring the dump truck to a full stop following the collision. Photos at the scene show skid marks where the truck traveled into the northbound lane following the collision. The truck came to a final uncontrolled rest facing southeast in the northbound lane, police said.

The man was unconscious and trapped in the car when FVFD Fire Chief Bill Wishard arrived on the scene. Fayetteville’s rescue squad arrived and stabilized and removed the door within four minutes, freeing the patient.

Information about the man’s condition was not available Saturday.

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