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To the Editor:

For my neighbors in the Borough of Shippensburg. I am asking for your Write-in vote for Borough Tax Collector Next Tuesday. Over the last decade first as the Vice-President of the council and now as the Vice-Chair of the SBA, I have focused on finding ways to provide the basic services our community needs in the most cost-effective manner. Currently, Shippensburg does not have a Tax Collector. Our taxes are collected by the office staff while they take care of water, sewer, trash and permitting business. A fellow citizen has placed themselves on the ballot with the intent of becoming a tax collector. If this happens the borough would lose over $10,000 a year in fees that would be due to a collector that we don’t need. Shippensburg has a proven method of collecting taxes that saves a penny on every dollar collected. I am asking my neighbors to elect me as a stand-in for the continuation of a system that works. If elected I will be sworn in by the mayor and immediately resign so the taxpayers of the borough can get the best value for the taxes they are forced to pay. Please write in Steven Brenize for Shippensburg Borough Tax Collector.

Steven Brenize

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