Letter to the editor: Writer questions Trump


How does Trump make you feel regarding covid-19? Is he looking out for your best interest? Does he unite or divide?

Please examine his record of obeying the law or “helping” others. Does his action motivate greater public good?

Trump is involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. courts. Trump has made over 21,000 false statements since elected with 7 convicted criminals top advisors? What about Russian interference, foreign investments and countless other harmful acts?

Trump’s questionable taxes, extramarital affairs, bankruptcies and shady business deals are well-documented.

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His conspiracy theories have cost us trillions, in 210k lives. His anti-science claims harm us.

If the truth does set us free, then Trump imprisons us. Examine his deeds. Divisive? Vindictive? Does his deceny (sic) add or subtract? Will his re-election better us? Unite America once again

Submitted by: Robert Arner, Edinburg Virginia


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