Letter to the Editor: Writer takes DA Fogal to task


To the Editor:

I read with great interest today about how Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal, a “Republican,” has decided to endorse Joe Biden for President. I am not surprised at all by this. It was only a few weeks ago that the Franklin County Republican Committee censured Mr. Fogal because of his reckless, misguided support for groups like Black Lives Matter that have incited violence against out communities.

Mr. Fogal believes these groups and their supporters are peaceful, but nothing could be further from the truth. He tells us to look at the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place in Chambersburg and in Waynesboro but fails to mention the riots and looting that have taken place all over the country, including right here in Pennsylvania.

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The decision to censure Mr. Fogal over his support of BLM and his opposition to the President of the United States was not one taken lightly.

I am very familiar with the Chairman of the Franlklin County Republican Committee, Allen Coffman, and I support this censure and I strongly support the Republican Committee.

Indeed Mr. Coffman said in the letter notifying Mr. Fogal of his censure that Mr. Fogal has “departed from the sensible conservative views of the vast majority of your fellow citizens.”

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He’s absolutely right. Where is Mr. Fogal living? Does he not see that rioters and looter, thugs and thieves, are trying to destroy our nation with the help of George Soros and violent agitators? Is he blind to the violent and radical revolutionaries who have vandalized, stolen, and who have tried to burn our cities and communities to the ground? Does he support the senseless beatings of innocent Americans?

Matt Fogal says he supports law enforcement but President Donald Trump enjoys the strong support of law enforcement officers and organizations all over the United States. He will always support the men and women who wear the uniform of law enforcement. He will not let them down. He does not support Marxist revolutionary groups who seek to destroy our beloved Republic and all we hold dear.

We Republicans support President Trump and oppose Matt Fogal because we live in the real world where we understand ALL lives matter. We believe President Trump is making us proud. He’s colorful, yes. But he’s also a man who keeps his promises and one of those promises he made was to ensure we stand with our men and women of law enforcement.

He has kept his word and has worked tirelessly to protect our communities, boroughs, and cities. He said he would protect the most vulnerable – the elderly and unborn – and he has kept that promise as the most pro-life president in history. Just this week has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize and has kept us out of war since day one of taking office.

He stands tall for our veterans and all who wear the uniform. Before the Chinese flu hit, we saw record unemployment and a roaring economy. This is thanks in part to the strong, decisive leadership of President Donald Trump.

Matt Fogal said he’s voting for Joe Biden and most of us are not surprised at all. But we do know something he is not willing to admit and that is President Trump has helped blacks more than any other president in history with so many positive initiatives that benefit black Americans.

Ask Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who knows President Trump well and knows his heart.

Look at prison reform – something he got passed when no other president could or would do. Look at his support for historically black colleges.

Yet the district attorney here in Franklin County supports organizations like Black Lives Matter that have incited violence against citizens. No, I am not surprised at all that Mr. Fogal has endorsed Joe Biden because they’re two peas in a pod.

I am making a prediction today that Matt Fogal will run for district attorney next time as a Democrat. Birds of a feather stick together and he belongs with the Democrats where he can continue to support their agenda.

God bless President Donald Trump and may God bless the United States of America.

Richard Williams

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania