You Can’t Make This Up…Apology

Submitted by Mike Hayduk

I attend school board meetings often. I find them to be informative and useful to understand what is going on in the school district and how that affects the community. I also find them to be quite entertaining. I listen intently and often comment on things that are going on in the district.

A day later, I reflect on what I witness at these meetings and my perceptions of what I witness are expressed visually on social media.

Apparently, there are some people who take umbrage at my renditions. As a matter of fact one person has challenged me to man up and attend this meeting and apologize.

I agree, so please accept this sincere apology.

To the students that are bullied, the target of insensitive slurs about someone’s race, ethnicity, or sexuality, I apologize.

To the parents of kids who come home from school in a state of despair because each day at school is a day of torment, I apologize.

To the community at large, who are too busy with family commitments, work schedules, or simply cannot afford to make these meetings, I apologize.

To the teachers and staff members who must endure this environment too, but feel incapable of improving the situation.

I apologize. I apologize that I didn’t attend these meetings a long time ago. That I didn’t take the time to understand what was going on and how this district and school board operated. That I didn’t express what I witnessed, I’m sorry.

Please, please accept my apology.




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